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Waterford Press is a leading publisher specializing in foldable field guides. Since its establishment, the company has provided a wealth of high-quality, illustrated booklets for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. These guides are designed to assist people in exploring and better understanding the fascinating nature during all your travels.

The mission of Waterford Press is to offer educational materials that are not only useful but also easily accessible and user-friendly. Their distinctive waterproof, foldable nature guides fit into pocket size, making them perfect for hikers, campers, birdwatchers, and anyone who enjoys immersing themselves in nature. These guides are convenient for on-the-go use and provide valuable information on plants, animals, insects, birds, and much more.

The guides are beautifully illustrated with colorful images that clearly depict the characteristics of different species.

Whether you are an amateur naturalist or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, Waterford Press guides serve as a valuable companion to your adventures in nature. They not only enhance your knowledge and understanding of the environment but also foster a deeper appreciation for the diversity of the world around us.

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  • Galapagos Wildlife Guide
    Galapagos Wildlife Guide

    Galapagos Wildlife Folding GuidePocket field guide of Galapagos animals, from fish and reptiles to mammals and birds.

    Animal species Galapagos Which animals live on the Galapagos in Ecuador? The Galapagos Islands are also called…

    € 9,95
  • Southeast Asia Wildlife
    Southeast Asia Wildlife

    Fold out pocket guide for animals in Southeast Asia. Nice booklet for all your travels in Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

    € 9,85
  • Southeast Asia Birds
    Southeast Asia Birds

    Bird guide Southeast AsiaLaminated field guide of the birds in Southeast Asia. Check the most common bird species of Southeast Asia | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-961-1)

    Birds in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia is the region that…

    € 9,85
  • Japan Birds
    Japan Birds

    Field guide of bird species in JapanFold out nature guide with the most common birds of Japan. Observe and identify the different species.

    Waterford Press field guide Japan

    € 9,85
  • Africa Bird guide
    Africa Bird guide

    Bird Guide AfricaField guide of birds in Africa - Plasticized, foldable map of the most common bird species in Africa.

    Birds in AfricaThis fold out Africa bird guide is a must have for every traveler interesting in birds…

    € 9,85
  • East Africa Wildlife Guide
    East Africa Wildlife Guide

    Animal Guide East AfricaLaminated field guide of commonly seen animals in East Africa.

    Guide of Safari Animals in East AfricaFoldable pocket guide of nature and animals in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Beautifully illustrated…

    € 9,85
  • East Africa Bird Guide
    East Africa Bird Guide

    Bird guide of Eastern AfricaA folding pocket guide to familiar bird species in East Africa - Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

    Bird species East AfricaLaminated field guide with common birds found in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Most…

    € 9,85
  • South Africa Wildlife
    South Africa Wildlife

    Animal Guide South AfricaLaminated nature guide of the most common animals in South Africa. What animals live in South Africa?

    Southern Africa Safari GuideField guide of animals in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland,…

    € 9,85
  • Amazon Wildlife Guide
    Amazon Wildlife Guide

    Handy wildlife guide with an overview of the animals that live in the Amazon. The guide is easy to fold and waterproof. Indispensable during your Amazon trip.

    € 9,85
  • Alberta - Wildlife
    Alberta - Wildlife

    Wildlife guide Alberta, CanadaIllustrated field guide of the most common animals in Alberta, Canada

    Wildlife in AlbertaWhich other animals live in Alberta besides the bighoorn sheep? This beautifully illustrated fold out pocket…

    € 9,45
  • British Columbia - Birds
    British Columbia - Birds

    Birds in British Columbia, CanadaA laminated pocket guide about the most common birds in British Columbia - Canada

    Bird guide British ColumbiaWhich birds live in British Columbia? 536 bird species live in British Columbia, on a…

    € 9,45
  • Arizona - Wildlife
    Arizona - Wildlife

    Field guide featuring the most common animal species in Arizona. Super handy and easy to store during a road trip in the American state.

    € 9,85
  • Florida - Birds
    Florida - Birds

    Convenient fold-out bird guide of Florida. A must-have during a nature vacation in this American state.

    € 9,85
  • Germany birds
    Germany birds

    New Field Guide Birds in GermanyBird Guide Germany - Pocket-sized field guide birds in Germany - Laminated fold-out map with most common birds and map with bird areas.
    Bird Guide Germany | Pocket Naturalist Guide Waterford…

    € 9,95
  • Turtles

    Waterford Press Pocket Guide - Animal Guide | Pocket Naturalist Guide

    Turtle GuideWhat do turtles eat and how long can they live? This guide teaches you everything you've ever wanted to know about turtles, their diet, enemies,…

    € 9,95
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