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Are you looking for good fishing guides? Wether you just started fishing or are a seasoned fisherman: a good guide on marine fishing or sport fishing can be a great gift. Are you going on a fishing holiday abroad? Consider getting yourself a field guide on the most common fish in the area. NatureScanner offers a couple of field guides for fishing enthusiasts, which are great to bring along on your fishing trip abroad.

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  • Belize - Marine Guide
    Belize - Marine Guide

    Marine guide - BelizePocket field guide of the most seen reef fish, marine mammals, sport fish and sea turtles in Belize.
    Belize - Marine Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-11-2)Diving and fishing in BelizeBelize is, just…

    € 9,95
  • California - Sport fish
    California - Sport fish

    Sport fish in CaliforniaPractical guide on the most common fish in California.
    California Field Guide | Sport Fish - California Coast | Rainforest Publications (11888538-19-8)Which fish can be found in California?Are you planning…

    € 7,95 € 6,95
  • California - Bottom fish
    California - Bottom fish

    Bottom fish in CaliforniaPractical guide with the most common bottom fish in California.
    California Field Guide | Fish California | Rainforest Publications (11888538-92-9)Which bottom fish can be found in California?If you are…

    € 7,95
  • Costa Rica - Marine Guide Pacific Coast
    Costa Rica - Marine Guide Pacific Coast

    Folding Guide - Costa Rica fish, sea turtles and mammals in the Pacific Field guide fish and turtles Costa Rica - Laminated folding map about the marine animals on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Costa Rica - Marine Guide


    € 9,95
  • Florida Field Guide - Reef fish
    Florida Field Guide - Reef fish

    Florida - Identifaction guide Reef fishPocket guide with reef fish in Florida.
    Florida - Hawaii Reef Fish Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-55-9)
    Which fishes can be seen when diving in Florida? Rainforest Publications has…

    € 8,95
  • Hawaii - Reef fishes - 1
    Hawaii - Reef fishes - 1

    Diving guide - Hawaii - Reef fishesHawaii Reef Fish Guide 1 - | Sunburst Publications (1888538-01-5)

    Small fish in HawaiiOur webshop holds several guides which provide information on the beauty of Hawaiian marine life. One guide…

    € 8,95
  • Hawaii - Reef fish - 2
    Hawaii - Reef fish - 2

    Diving guide - Hawaii - Big reef fish 2Hawaii Reef Fish Guide 2 | Sunburst Publications (1888538-00-7)

    Big fish in HawaiiIn our webshop we sell a selection of pocket field guides that show you the beautiful underwater world of…

    € 8,95
  • Mexico - Caribbean Marine Guide
    Mexico - Caribbean Marine Guide

    Fold-out guide - Mexico - Carribean Marine GuidePocket field guide of marine mammals and fish in Mexico.
    Mexico - Caribbean Marine Guide | Reef Fish, Sport Fish, Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles | Rainforest Publications…

    € 9,95
  • Costa Rica - Caribbean Reef Fish
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