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While travelling in nature in Asia, you will see many bird and wildlife species that you don't know. Identify the animal species with these nature guides. These are laminated field guides of Asia.

Waterford Press Asia

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  • Southeast Asia Wildlife
    Southeast Asia Wildlife

    Which animals live in Southeast Asia? In this fold out pocket guide by Waterford Press you will find the most common wildlife species in the Southeastern part of Asia. Butterflies, birds, reptiles and mammals. Illustrations show…

    € 9,85
  • Southeast Asia Birds
    Southeast Asia Birds

    Bird guide Southeast AsiaLaminated field guide of the birds in Southeast Asia. Check the most common bird species of Southeast Asia | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-961-1)

    Birds in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia is the region that…

    € 9,85
  • China bird guide
    China bird guide

    Field guide of birds in ChinaThis illustrated pocket guide contains the most often seen birds in China. It is laminated to withstand the elements and fits into your pocket. Check out the common encountered bird species of China…

    € 9,85
  • India Wildlife
    India Wildlife

    Wildlife guide IndiaLaminated fold out pocket guide about animals in India. Discover the most common animal species in India | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-940-6)

    Wildlife in IndiaWhich animals live in India? This field guide…

    € 9,85
  • India Birds
    India Birds

    Bird guide IndiaBird species in India | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-939-0)

    Which birds live in India? An answer to this question will be found in this illustrated fold out pocket guide of birds in India. On the back of the…

    € 9,85
  • Japan Birds
    Japan Birds

    Field guide of bird species in JapanFold out nature guide with the most common birds of Japan. Observe and identify the different species.

    Waterford Press field guide Japan

    € 9,85
  • Birds New Guinea
    Birds New Guinea

    Field guide of bird species in New Guinea

    € 9,85
  • Singapore - Birds
    Singapore - Birds

    Field guide featuring the most common birds in Singapore - Laminated fold-out card

    Birds in the parks and gardens of SingaporeWhich birds can be found in Singapore? This handy fold-out bird guide showcases the 50 most frequently…

    € 14,95
  • Thailand Birds
    Thailand Birds

    Bird guide

    € 9,85
  • Amphibians of Malaysia
    Amphibians of Malaysia

    High quality poster prints of amphibians in Malaysia. Frogs and toads by nature photographer Twan Spierings.

    € 6,50
  • Bats

    Field guide of bats | Waterford Press

    Waterford Discovery Guide Bat Fold-out CardThis convenient pocket-sized field guide showcases the various bat species through photographs. You'll also learn more about the anatomy, senses,…

    € 9,85
  • Elephants and Rhinos
    Elephants and Rhinos

    Identification Card / Field Guide Elephants and Rhinoceroses - Laminated, fold-out card showcasing the different species and their habitats in Asia and Africa. Rhinos and Elephants Pocket Naturalist Guide | Waterford Press On…

    € 9,85
  • The World of Primates
    The World of Primates

    Waterford Press - Jeff Corwin's Explorer series

    Apes and MonkeysPrimates inspire humans, likely due to the many similarities between humans and other great apes, such as orangutans, gibbons, chimpanzees, and gorillas.


    € 9,95
  • Sharks

    Waterford Press - Jeff Corwin's Explorer series

    Sharks field guideThe shark is probably the most underrated animal on earth. Most people immediately think of a shark as a dangerous animal that can attack people in the sea, but in…

    € 9,95
  • Volcanoes

    Laminated fold-out card with information about volcanoes | Pocket Guide by Waterford Press

    VolcanismThis handy fold-out guide provides all sorts of facts about volcanoes, earthquakes, hot springs, and geysers, making it a great…

    € 9,85
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