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What wild animals live in America? How many animals are there in the United States? And are there any dangerous species? To be able to identify and recognize familiar animal species, Naturescanner introduces you to these great Field guides of the United States: laminated nature guides of common animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and also plants.

Observe, identify and recognize familiar species and not such common animals. Tree pages full of idenitification and nature guides for various regions in the US, specific national parks or the United States of America as a whole. Bird guides and wildlife guides for adventure seekers, wildlife enthousiasts or nature travellers.

Waterford Press USA

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  • Alaska Wildlife Guide
    Alaska Wildlife Guide

    Wildlife guide AlaskaIllustrated field guide of the most common animals in Alaska: sea animals, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

    Wild animalsWhich animals live in Alaska? This pocket guide shows you the most seen animals in the…

    € 9,85
  • Alaska Birds
    Alaska Birds

    Bird guide AlaskaField guide of the most common bird species in Alaska.
    Alaska bird guide | Waterford PressBird watching in Alaska USAWhat birds live in Alaska? With almost 500 recorded bird species, even the most seasoned…

    € 9,85
  • Arizona - Wildlife
    Arizona - Wildlife

    This field guide shows the most common wildlife species in US State Arizona. The nature guide includes birds, insects, mammals, fishes and other species you might encounter on your roadtrip in Arizona.

    € 9,85
  • Arizona - Birds
    Arizona - Birds

    Fold out pocket guide of bird species in Arizona. It shows commons birds you might see on your travel in Arizona state, but also rare species that you might encounter.

    € 9,85
  • Trees and Wildflowers in California
    Trees and Wildflowers in California

    California trees and flower guide | Waterford Press (978-158355-071-7)

    Trees in CaliforniaMost people know the Redwood California trees. But what other trees grow in the Golden State? This illustrated field guide will learn you…

    € 9,85
  • Wildlife in California
    Wildlife in California

    California wildlife Field Guide | Waterford Press (9781583551370)

    Animal identification guideDo you want to see wild animals in California? This huge state has an incredible amount of excellent wildlife sightings. It is…

    € 9,85
  • California - Birds
    California - Birds

    Field guide of common bird species in California USA. California Field Guide | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-101-1)

    Birds in CaliforniaLaminated nature guide for birding in the Golden State. Which bird species are common. This…

    € 9,85
  • Cape Cod Seashore life
    Cape Cod Seashore life

    CAPE COD FIELD GUIDE - Identify the familiar animals and plants in Eastern America, in the Cape Cod region. Birds, mammals, crustaceans and fishes.

    € 9,85
  • Everglades Birds
    Everglades Birds

    Everglades bird guide. Illustrated birding guide of the Everglades in Florida.

    € 9,85
  • Everglades Wildlife guide
    Everglades Wildlife guide

    Laminated wildlife guide of the Everglades in Florida.

    A field guide of animals of the Everglades.

    € 9,85
  • Florida - Birds
    Florida - Birds

    Field guide with birds of Florida. Most commons species; sea birds, raptors and more.

    € 9,85
  • Florida wildlife guide
    Florida wildlife guide

    Field guide of common animal species in Florida | Waterford Press

    Which animals in Florida?What are the most common species of wildlife in Florida? This identification guide will help you to observe and identify animals in the…

    € 9,85
  • Florida - Reptiles and Amphibians
    Florida - Reptiles and Amphibians

    Fold out Nature guide with common species of reptiles and amphibians in Florida.

    € 9,85
  • Glacier National Park Wildlife
    Glacier National Park Wildlife

    Field guide Glacier National ParkFold out wildlife guide Glacier National Park in the United States of America | Waterford Press (978-1-58355-359-6)

    Animals in Glacier National ParkWhich wildlife species are common in this…

    € 9,85
  • Grand Canyon field guide
    Grand Canyon field guide

    Field guide of the Grand Canyon, including most common seen birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, shrubs, wildflowers and plants. Pocket-sized folding guide.

    € 9,85
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