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Alaska is one of the main wildlife paradises on Earth. Its untamed wilderness is home to many species of mammals, reptiles, fishes, birds and insects. In order to give you the best wildlife experience possible, we recommend you to travel with one or more of these foldable nature guides, which will help you to observe and identify animal species of Alaska.

Nature guides Alaska

How many animals live in Alaska, what's the most dangerous animal of the State and many more questions can be answered through these laminated field guides.

Waterford Press Alaska

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  • Alaska Wildlife Guide
    Alaska Wildlife Guide

    Wildlife guide AlaskaIllustrated field guide of the most common animals in Alaska: sea animals, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

    Wild animalsWhich animals live in Alaska? This pocket guide shows you the most seen animals in the…

    € 9,85
  • Alaska Birds
    Alaska Birds

    Bird guide AlaskaField guide of the most common bird species in Alaska.
    Alaska bird guide | Waterford PressBird watching in Alaska USAWhat birds live in Alaska? With almost 500 recorded bird species, even the most seasoned…

    € 9,85
  • Denali Wildlife Guide
    Denali Wildlife Guide

    Illustrated pocket guide to the animals of Denali National Park and Denali State Park.

    Field guide of Denali animalsThis folding pocket guide illustrates the most encountered wildlife species of Denali National Park in Alaska.…

    € 9,45
  • North Pacific Coast - Marine Mammals
    North Pacific Coast - Marine Mammals

    North Pacific - Marine mammals Field GuidePocket guide of most encountered marine mammals in Alaska, West Coast of Canada, Washington and Oregon.
    North Pacific Coast- Marine mammals | Rainforest Publications (1888538-88-0)Whales…

    € 7,95
  • North Pacific Coast - Killer Whales
    North Pacific Coast - Killer Whales

    Killer Whales North Pacific CoastA laminated and full coloured pocket guide about killer whales and their behaviour in the North Pacific Coast

    Killer Whales & Behaviors Field Guide - North Pacific CoastThis captivating nature…

    € 7,95
  • Arctic Wildlife
    Arctic Wildlife

    Animal Guide of the North | Laminated fold-out card about animals in the North Pole and the Arctic regions
    The species in the cold North | Waterford PressAnimals in the North Pole and Arctic regionsWhat animals live on the North…

    € 9,45
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