Peru Field Guides

In preparation for a trip to Peru, you might consider the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca being the absolute highlights of your stay. Though, you should not underestimate the colorful wildlife of this versatile country. It is a paradise for sustainable tourisme, wildlife encounters and other amazing nature activities.

Peru wildlife

Peru is known for its amazing variety of exotic mammals and birds. To to get the best of your watching wildlife in Peru experience, NatureScanners offers fold out Field Guides. These Peru nature guides are laminated foldable cards that show the most common wildlife in the area you are travelling to. 

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  • Peru - Birds of Peru
    Peru - Birds of Peru

    Field guide - Peru birdsPocket field guide of the most encountered birds of Peru.
    Peru - Birds Field Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-47-3)Bird guide PeruOver 1.800 bird species have been recorded in Peru's divers…

    € 9,95
  • Peru - Mammals
    Peru - Mammals

    Pocket Field Guide - Peru - MammalsPocket field guide with the most common mammals in Peru.
    Peru - Mammals Field Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-74-0)

    This convenient guide gives a summary of the most common mammals in…

    € 7,95
  • Peru - Raptors bird guide
    Peru - Raptors bird guide

    Bird guide - Peru Raptors Bird GuideRaptor Birds in Peru | Rainforest Publications (1888538-75-9). Field guide of raptor birds in Peru.

    Raptors in Peru Nature GuideDuring a round trip in Peru you will most definitely see raptor…

    € 7,95
  • Peru - Shore and Wetland birds
    Peru - Shore and Wetland birds

    Bird guide - Peru - Shore and Wetland birdsPeru Shore and Wetland Birds Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-76-7).

    During a roundtrip across Peru, you will experience a wealth of birds. As diverse as the country's scenery,…

    € 7,95
  • Peru - Forest birds
    Peru - Forest birds

    Nature guide - Peru - Forest BirdsPeru Forest Birds Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-77-5).

    Peru forest birds guideIf you are planning a nature trip to Peru, expect to see lots of birds, especially in the dense…

    € 7,95
  • Amazon Wildlife Guide
    Amazon Wildlife Guide

    Amazon Wildlife GuideField Guide of Animals and Birds of the Amazon - A paper fold out pocket map of species in the Amazon forest. Birds, mammals, butterflies, insects, fish and reptiles of the Amazon

    Amazon Animal GuideThe…

    € 9,85
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