Elephants and Rhinos

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Identification Card / Field Guide Elephants and Rhinoceroses - Laminated, fold-out card showcasing the different species and their habitats in Asia and Africa. Rhinos and Elephants Pocket Naturalist Guide | Waterford Press On Safari

Wildlife guide mammals in Africa

During a safari in Asia or Africa, you are likely to encounter them: the majestic elephant and the prehistoric-looking rhinoceros. Two impressive animals. But what do you actually know about the different species? You can find more information on Naturescanner, but this handy fold-out guide neatly summarizes everything.

1. Elephants

Are you soon going on a search for the Big Five in Africa or embarking on a wildlife trip in Asia? You will likely come face to face with this magnificent animal. In the guide, you will learn about their diet, behavior, and reproduction.

2. Rhinoceroses

Rhinoceroses also inhabit both Africa and Asia. The guide explains the differences between the various rhinoceros species.

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Field Guide Rhinos and Elephants

ISBN / Code: 978-1-62005-198-6
Publisher: Waterford Press
Type: Nature guide / map
Language: English

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